Vinz » hi
Vinz » hi
Vickey » Hi......I luv ur site cuz its my favorie colorz!! LOL
AuNdReA » next time use a diffrent color
nicholasfollett » hello
nicholasfollett » hello
baby gurl » how are you guys
baby gurl » hey
baby gurl » hello
Name » Message
Name CELAYA » im in love wit a gurl named janet garibay i love her wit all my heart and always will.BABY GURL I LOVE YOU
Name CELAYA » im in love wit a gurl named jane i love her wit all my heart and always will.BABY GURL I LOVE YOU
Name sleep » Messagewots up chick so do u look good?
Name » Message
Name » Message
Yanet » Wuz op
sorry gurl » I mean who is in this lil thing in why are you guys righting in this lil thing what is this all about . well any wayz i really like to talk about boys cuz the pimp in well i am just being stupid shit
sorry gurl » how is rightin in this lil thing
sorry gurl » i am in love with this guy named sergio he is in 8th grade
sergio » love jayme
sergio » I am so cool
alfhls » When was lil flip born?
*marie* » ohhhh... i got over it... u get used to it after a while. lol
*marie* » kristine, ur site makes me dizzy. hehehe
daiz » hey!! tnx for checkin out my blog! it aint much but it is time consuming with a lil bit of sense! neway.. nice blog! very pink! heheh! cya around! =)
Noodlez » Nice blog, very pink! Check out my blog sometime....Oh i like the scrollbar too.
jet g virly » hi to all care to txt me or col me here 09194649855
jet g virly » hi! to all!
the^cupcake » very blinky....nice hehe
mj » hmmm...nkanman
mj » hehehe alive na alive
mj » nice..
!~missundaztood~! » As always u never fail to shock me with ur new layouts. lookin good!
BluEyEdBaBiGrL » hey nice site
trish » hey sis good to know that youre feeling better & looks like youre happier lately.
Chai-Latte » cool blog too!! Nice meeting ya!
lilkrazzei » you guys... sorry for the color error... the monitor aint working well so I can't see it properly. Just leave a comment and tell me what colors do u think will work in this bg... thanks.
lilkrazzei » hi Jennie
jennie » hello
*marie* » wow, great background
trish » uy ang kyut naman ng blog mo parang disco i hope you'll be okay. i know the feeling..nangyari na rin yan saken. take care!
|B|r|i|t|t|a|n|y| » cute blog.
mz unloved » thanks. you're not forgotten either
*marie* » wow, how'd u do the changing color of ur scroll bar? thats genius!
*marie* » *nice
*marie* » yo girl, nic big banner u got there. hehehe. long time no tag, huh? lolz. hey, do u have friendster?
sef » hi kristine.. nice site.. coo.. ok.. i was just droppin by.. hi to all the dogs out thea
kristine » hey avis... sorry im not that rich to text or call you. Kuripot kasi me eh.. lolz.. paano medyo mahal... i mean kinda... so yeah... gusto mo email buddies nlng tau or something... take care.
avis » hi im avis... sna mging frends tau hirs mt cel no. 09196133221 ty
lilkrazzei » hey ivy...yeah sure we can be chatmtes. juz add me or something ok? thanks for dropping by yhuge,... hehe
yhuge » makikidaan pow... g'morning pow... thanks 4 dropping by at my site...
tinay » hi kristine!..cute naman ng colors here. hehe!..tekker! ciao! *muahugz --opps..steeyuphed moi!..hehe naulet ko t2loy.
hi kristine!..cute n » tinay
ivy » cn we b frends
ivy » ello cn i b ur chtm8
ivy » ello cn i b ur chtm8
ivy » ello cn i be ur chtm8
yhuge » well well what a nice site....
angelique » you have really nice bloG!!ilove hearts kC..cooollkaaliw rn ung scroll bars!!
Marie » wow, ganda ganda na ng website natin ah!
jwrry » hello
sheryl » hi there thanks 4 visiting my site...
!~missundaztood~! » seems like u aint ALL alone at least u hav d guyz wid ya di ba? like i said guyz r always fun even if ur d only gurl. Ang saya saya hehhe. Ingat ka. miss u. Labshu hehehe
Trick » hey wassup???? Coo' site.....Specially the scroll bars. Now, all i c is pink!!!! Its ur fault!!!JK hehehehehe......Anyway i really think ur site is coo'. Keep up the gud work.
mJ » nice!tis gr8 tin!
claire » thanks fer dropping byy! heeeheee! i really love the colrs of ur site.
jojo » sorry for late reply =)
RaLpH » link my blog..please!!!tnx
!~missundaztood~! » hoi, nasan ka? miss na miss kita
kimmei » cute bl0g!
gyll » ei.. nice blog! juz dropin by
claire » oh cool! what a pinky-purply bloggie you have here! i like it! i was mine was as nice as yourss! cool! drop by mine sumtym! link you up if ya dont mind!
lilkrazzei » hey jojo.. hu cud u be???
jojo » hihi i'm here again!!~ =)
carLeen » bloghoppin..
IDLEMIND » nice blog.... kewl!
caren » ei link kita ah!! nice!!!
carLeen » link you up k?
carLeen » nice blOg..
nikky » i love ur blog check mine out and tell me how i can improve
*Marie* » hey, i know seaweed_dragon from praning. cno ka ba sa praning? we might know each other, di natin alam. hehehe
ashalee<33 » cute blog
Marie » ey kristine!!! u like my bg? hehe, i changed my "i love you" pink bg, cuz u said u couldnt read the txt. hehehe
lilkrazzei » oi... cnong lizzie??? eh c kristine 'to noh...okay ka lng??? baka namali ka ng post.. hehe...
EJ » anak ng tinapa!..ikaw pala to lizzie!..hindi ko napansin! nawala yung link ko sayo ehh!..mabalik nga!..
Marie » ey kristine! hola hola!
miss lovely » hey. i FINALLY got my comp bak from getting fixed today. i was like dieing with out the internet ((kissed computer)) haha. ill be sure to get ur banner by next weekend at the latest FOR REAL THIS TIME
lilkrazzei » hey there cg..!
cg » hi every body am new year...hope am going to find a new buddy in net just like you! you!
Bao Xiong » hi. waz up boys and gurls? well gotta run see u all later or soon.
angel thao » hey dis meeh an
angel thao » hey wat ru doing? meeh not much but i miss someone. mine aa page ish thao-gurl285.. wat ish ur aa page?
MISS LOVELY » my comp got messed up and i couldnt use the internet. sorry. im at school right now so ill try to get u ur banner a.s.a.p. IM SO SO SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!!
Marie » hi, happy easter! well, belated! hehe. take care
BliNk » cool site u hav here...
coralie » im back miss me?
lilkrazzei » hehe... missing u too...
!~missundaztood~! » Missing U!!!!!
JusBoy » hey blog...peace out...