Entry: i was juz busy Friday, August 27, 2004

Hey you guys... sorry for not updating. Haha. It's been a very long time huh? Well yeah. I was just busy coz of school and other things. And also, I was not in the mood to blog those past few days coz nothing nice happened.

Anyway... we went to the beach today. It was kinda fun coz it aint that hot today. I was with Ate Jane and MJ. Ummm.. we were teaching Ate Jane how to float coz she doesn't know how to. Badly, she was not confident. As in if she felt like MJ's removing her hands, she will panick already which is not really good. I mean like she has to be confident right? Well yeah... whatever. There was also someone who's kinda annoying.  I mean he was with those lil kids and he was teaching those kids to say "kumusta ka, Oo, Ganun etc." and for real he's happy with what he was doing. Wtf? What else? We didn't stay there that long coz Ate Jane had to go somewhere and we were also tired. So now i'm here blogging again. haha. Oh yeah.. honestly I'm kinda bored of blogging. i mean maybe if i'm in the mood, then I will coz I still have other priorities other than doing some shits here over the net.

Tomorrow's Saturday. School time again. What the hell? But it's also fine. At least i'll be busy again right? We don't have that much assignments so I don't know what I will do after this. Maybe I will study in Chem. coz the lesson right now is kinda confusing, you know. So yeah. Actually we have an assignment in English but I left the book. Lolz. Imas even told me that I intentionally left it coz i'm lazy. hahaha. wtf?


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