Entry: fun fun fun!!! Monday, August 23, 2004

Well I was kinda busy yesterday coz I have to finish something for today. Now, I'm still not doing my assignments. Actually I'm really like that ever since. I mean like when I come home... I usually open the computer and check my e-mail. Then after that have some rest and do the things I have to do. Ummmm.... I think we have many assignments today. I aint sure coz I can't remember how many. Prolly 3 or more. Today was fun. We were laughing to death like yesterday. lolz. Laughing as in to the extent that our stomachs ache already. what the hell? lolz. What we did were kinda bad. It was only tripping. That was my idea actually then Czzary did it. Well.... honestly I got the idea from her then I told her to do that. Hahaha. I don't know tomorrow if we will still laugh again? Before that we were so bored. Riechell, Samira, and I were asking each other what to do. Until I told them to play "Pizza, Pizza Pie." Hahaha... we also played Pen pen de sarapen and Ilong-ilong-ilong hahaha! Nice. And we kept on laughing too. :) We also started our topics on the book but unlike Elective and COmputer, we don't have books to those 2 subjects and I don't know why. Anyway, Filipino was kewl. I can't believe that was my teacher. Coz it's like the surrounding changed compare when we were still 2nd yr. He used to be mad as always but now? haha... we kept on laughing. Maybe it's really different when we're mixed or something. Remember the lettering I've told you? Well we already started it too and I have to rewrite it again coz my hands that time were shaking. lolz. Oh well... I kinda have to go. Maybe I'll just blog again later okay? Muuaaahh!


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