Entry: 2nd day of school Sunday, August 22, 2004

Well sorry for not updating. We just started our class yesterday and it was kinda okay. But today? Hmmm... okay I came early at school. But the a/c in our room is still close coz it was really hot. Cheeno, Martin, Emman, Luisa, and I went down coz it's kinda windy and the air ain't hot. While sitting there on the stairs besides the library, the principal called us. [Luisa and I] then she told us to let the teachers sign the memo. I thought it was just an ordinary memo like they will have meeting after school etc. but damn when we read it, we were in totally schocked! Why? Coz it says there "the class from grade 6-9 will be separated to boys and girls etc." I was really speechless. But of course we did what she told us. Let the advisers of those class sign. And they signed, of course. While giving the paper to the teachers, we were like "Ma'm/Sr. don't sign that.. blah blah blah" coz you know... in grade-9 the girls will be going to Sr. John's and the boys will stay with Sr. D'A. Yallz know that I don't like to be in his class right? But I can't do anything. And the worse was I already arranged my things on my desk! Deng! So we transferred there. Sr. John discussed things and stuffs then we had our lesson. Wtf? But I may say today was kinda okay. But Czary and I misses the guys. Lolz. I missed Cheeno, Mer and Gene and she already missed Emman. Lolz. Hahaha. We didn't have lessons on the other subject. We just discussed things about the things which they like, what they will teach and some requirements. T.H.E. was kewl. Sr. D'A started the lettering. Wooowww... that's hella kewl. I didn't know it has strokes and stuffs. Actually I was really amazed, you know. Haha. Then Computer, Sr. Ariel had some kinda quiz. I mean like review and stuffs. He even told me that during summer, my keyboard was always hot. He meant like I kept on using it, that's why. Lol. I wonder who told him? Maybe the boys. haha. Coz they knew how I typed. Lolz. So tomorrow we will start the formal lessons. Hmmmm... I guess we will have assignments already. Deng!!!


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