Entry: Je's betdei Thursday, August 19, 2004

Today was really fun. It was Majel'sbday and so she treated us. We're supposed to be with Aren and Samira but then they cancelled it. So it was only me, Steff and her. Je came here first and we kinda planned where to go. After planning, we went to Steff's house. Then we went to the mall waiting for Sam coz she said she can come. But after like 20 minutes waiting... she called me up and said that she can't come. While Aren, on the other hand said she has to do something so we just went to this videoke thing in the bowling city whatever and we sang without minding each other's voice. Bwahaha... actually it was recorded and I didn't hear it yet. Lol. After one hour singing we ate coz Steff and I were kinda hungry. Oh yeah... it's already confirmed, Booda's here already. Well I'm kinda pissed coz it's like what? He told me he will call or text me when he's there but shocks... I never got anything, even a single missed call. Wtf? Then now he aint returning calls... not even a text. I knew he saw me before we went inside Bowing city and I also saw him. When we were going to food court... I saw him again. Eye to eye pa nga eh.. daming beses! Wtf? Damn.. well fine! If he forgot me, I don't care. The earth I care??? He doesn't have one word!!!!!! Anyway... enough of Booda. Mud called me up while we were inside singing coz he said his friend, Ricky saw me. He said if I wanna say hi or something, he's only in the billiards area. The girls wanna see him so I asked where is he? While giving him missed calls... dammit he answered. Waaahhh poor me. I don't have laod for miss calls. Shocks! But anyway... he asked me the same thing and I told him we're heading to toy town. He said wait for him for like 15 minutes and so we did. Actually, it aint only 15 minutes. He's late! lol then I was calling him, asking and asking where on earth is he coz I also have to go. Eh I don't wanna go without seeing him coz we were already waiting so we just wait again. At last... he came! What the hell? He is taller than me. I mean like as in tall then he was wearing white visor and stuffs. Nothing really changed except for the height. The two girls like him too. lolz. Actually they were teasing me that maybe he aint cute or something but haha... they saw him face to face so they know already why............ whatever! Lolerzz.

Tomorrow's thursday. Ate Jane will go here and we might go there again. I mean at A.D.M. so I might prolly see Booda again. What the hell? You know... he's really getting into my nerves. As in!!! Btw...Imas and I were not talking that much. Coz whenever he's coming online... i'm about to go. Wrong timing. But he's still calling me. Sweet thang! Hehehe.

We're starting to get ready for school that's why my mom's telling us to sleep early so we can adjust but even though I go to bed around 2 or 3... I'm still sleeping around 4-5 in the morning. Damn.. i'm excited!!! I wonder who will be my adviser? Sr. John or my previous adviser??? Well whatever... I just wish I could make it this time. I mean like I wish could have higher grades compare last year. Oh yeah... today was my last session for swimming. I'm still scared, as always but i'm better compare to the last time. lolz. I don't know if I will still continue my lessons. Depends upon my mom if she still has the budget for that. Anyway... peace!


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