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Friday, October 15, 2004
to all the peepz who linked me

Hey you guys... ummmm I think I just have to delete this blog after 1 month or soemthing coz I can't update anymore. I'm busy with a lot of things and I'm blogging on my other site so yeah.. if you want visit it sometimes... here's the add http://www.babygurl.cjb.net ayt??? So umm... take care yallz... peace.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004


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Friday, September 10, 2004
what happened yesterday!!!

Gosh! Yesterday was hell. Why? Okay... here's the story: Czary and I went out. We played billiards in Al Mariah and then we headed at A.D.M. as always we roam around. We ate and while eating Czary saw Booda's friend. What the hell? Honestly he's such a cutie and Czary like him too. LoLz. Oh yeah we saw Booda first, playing billiards in Bowling city but I didn't mind him. [Is he even minding me?] THE HELL! Anyway... nothing happened but Czary's disappointed. LoL. Why? Coz she really likes the guy. He was wearing this white and blue jersey with "Potvin" whatever. And then... we got tired of roaming around the food court just to see the guy so we went to toy town. We're supposed to play DDR but there were some guys playing so we decided that we will just go back again. Hours passed, I think and we went back. But they were still there. So we just waited while watching them play. They're so good playing. [Oh yeah... we also saw the 4th yr's there coz it was At Alexie's bday] Anywho... while waiting, there were one local guy, a really STUPID local guy who sucks! It's like this. He started it. He was saying "Filipino" and stuffs. We didn't mind him. But I kept on looking at him as in a bad look but he was sitll doing it. Until he started saying "kusumak" and stuffs. Czary got pissed. I called someone but that someone can't come. What the hell? We needed him but he didn't come. Well whatever. We don't need him anyway. So yeah... we're just watching the guys who were playing until the fuckin local guy bumped me. I got pissed too. I came to him with that angry look then I slapped his left chest 3 times saying "What the hell is your problem? What the hell do you want?"  I was REALLY mad that I didn't think he's a local guy! Czary was shocked coz she was thinking that the guy might do something but thank God too he didn't. Well you see, they can't do anything here coz i'm a girl. I mean girls are really respected. They can only say words but they can't hurt us physically. And the guy didn't do anything too. So anyway... after that Kuya Nicolai came  and started calling the other 4th year studs. I don't know but the local guy with his friend went. I think they got scared or something. He even did the middle finger! What the hell? They called up Kuya Tariq and Kuya Ram to defend us but they were late. The guys went already so yeah. Sayang nga raw! Czary and I just played while they were watching and when we're about to go, they went with us to Cinnabon coz Czary got something for her mom. We weren't contented with what we did coz it's nothing so we looked for them. Hahaha. Very lucky and we saw the friend of the guy. Haha. The friends knew there will be a fight and their facial expressions were so funny. We asked where the hell is that damn local short guy? He was just after them and they said to him in arabic [I think] that we're there looking for him. He was looking for us till he saw me. I waved my hand and smile in a sarcastic way and we went to them. Stupid Louie, he shook his hands with them and said "No fight, no fight!" Damn! If he wasn't there, Kuya Ram and the rest will really beat them up. Oh wait.. while going to them, the local guy was calling someone from his mobile. Hahaha. What the hell? Then they talked. The Big one explained that the other guy pushed "shorty" that's why he bumped me! I told them that he should apologize and stuffs. He doesn't like to so it took time. His friends were telling him alreaady to do that so there's no more problem but he's such an asshole. He was still singing this "habibi" whatever until the Big guy put shorty's hand on his back and I swear to God I knew it really hurts. Then he said sorry. Actually he was just forced to do that and I can feel it. ARGHHHHHH!!!! Stupid local guys! I really hate those who don't have proper manners. Damn! Oh yeah.. everyone was looking at us coz it's like we're in a circle, Local guys vs. Flips so everyone was like "Hey.. what's the problem etc." What the hell? We weren't expecting that would happen coz guys are very nice to us. I mean they're only upto looking at us but touching and doing those stuffs... shit! No way!

Oh well... we went home then I went out again with Ate Jane, MJ and Ate Anne. We went to AL Mariah and sang there. Haha. My voice sucks! Lolz. We went home around 1 in the morning and I was shocked when I looked at my watch. It was only quarter to eleven but when I looked at my mobile's clock, oh damn 12:45 a.m. what the hell? Haha. My dad got mad at me coz he was saying why am I going home late and atuffs? Then I told him that I was with them so no need to worry. Well whatever. I don't care about what he's telling me. As long as I know I'm not doing anything.

Ria's going to school tomorrow. Haha. I'm so excited and I don't know why. Maybe bcoz whenever we chat online I found it interesting to talk to him. And we really want to hang-out together ever since so now.. haha... we would really hang-out. And yeah... I also saw Kevin and Kim in the mall. Fahad too! Shit! I'm still not studying for my quizzes tomorrow. Haha. What the hell. I'm lazy to study now. Maybe later around 5 or something. Anyway it aint that hard. I only have to study in Filipino and COmputer. Actually I kinda start in COmputer so maybe I still have time to go out. bwahahaha!

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Friday, September 03, 2004
hey you guys

Well sometimes I don't have time blogging here. Most of the time I'm updating my diaryland page so I think you can check it if you have time. Here's the link http://lil08krazzei.diaryland.com

Anyway... tomorrow is school again. Deng we have a quiz on Chem. and It's kinda difficult. It's more on some kinda math and you know that I aint that good in solving stuffs right? So yeah... until now I'm not studying. I mean like I started and I kinda memorized the formula but I have to practice. Hmmm... I wish I can do well ya know. I'm also excited to go to school tomorrow coz I'm gonna see.... *ahem!* who? Well "romeo", he's a new student and he's the bomb. I like the way he dress up!!!! Shocks! Bwahaha... actually they're teasing me. Wtf? Oh well... I kinda have to go now. I still have lots of things to do so yeah.. peace!

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Friday, August 27, 2004
i was juz busy

Hey you guys... sorry for not updating. Haha. It's been a very long time huh? Well yeah. I was just busy coz of school and other things. And also, I was not in the mood to blog those past few days coz nothing nice happened.

Anyway... we went to the beach today. It was kinda fun coz it aint that hot today. I was with Ate Jane and MJ. Ummm.. we were teaching Ate Jane how to float coz she doesn't know how to. Badly, she was not confident. As in if she felt like MJ's removing her hands, she will panick already which is not really good. I mean like she has to be confident right? Well yeah... whatever. There was also someone who's kinda annoying.  I mean he was with those lil kids and he was teaching those kids to say "kumusta ka, Oo, Ganun etc." and for real he's happy with what he was doing. Wtf? What else? We didn't stay there that long coz Ate Jane had to go somewhere and we were also tired. So now i'm here blogging again. haha. Oh yeah.. honestly I'm kinda bored of blogging. i mean maybe if i'm in the mood, then I will coz I still have other priorities other than doing some shits here over the net.

Tomorrow's Saturday. School time again. What the hell? But it's also fine. At least i'll be busy again right? We don't have that much assignments so I don't know what I will do after this. Maybe I will study in Chem. coz the lesson right now is kinda confusing, you know. So yeah. Actually we have an assignment in English but I left the book. Lolz. Imas even told me that I intentionally left it coz i'm lazy. hahaha. wtf?

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Monday, August 23, 2004
fun fun fun!!!

Well I was kinda busy yesterday coz I have to finish something for today. Now, I'm still not doing my assignments. Actually I'm really like that ever since. I mean like when I come home... I usually open the computer and check my e-mail. Then after that have some rest and do the things I have to do. Ummmm.... I think we have many assignments today. I aint sure coz I can't remember how many. Prolly 3 or more. Today was fun. We were laughing to death like yesterday. lolz. Laughing as in to the extent that our stomachs ache already. what the hell? lolz. What we did were kinda bad. It was only tripping. That was my idea actually then Czzary did it. Well.... honestly I got the idea from her then I told her to do that. Hahaha. I don't know tomorrow if we will still laugh again? Before that we were so bored. Riechell, Samira, and I were asking each other what to do. Until I told them to play "Pizza, Pizza Pie." Hahaha... we also played Pen pen de sarapen and Ilong-ilong-ilong hahaha! Nice. And we kept on laughing too. :) We also started our topics on the book but unlike Elective and COmputer, we don't have books to those 2 subjects and I don't know why. Anyway, Filipino was kewl. I can't believe that was my teacher. Coz it's like the surrounding changed compare when we were still 2nd yr. He used to be mad as always but now? haha... we kept on laughing. Maybe it's really different when we're mixed or something. Remember the lettering I've told you? Well we already started it too and I have to rewrite it again coz my hands that time were shaking. lolz. Oh well... I kinda have to go. Maybe I'll just blog again later okay? Muuaaahh!

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Sunday, August 22, 2004
2nd day of school

Well sorry for not updating. We just started our class yesterday and it was kinda okay. But today? Hmmm... okay I came early at school. But the a/c in our room is still close coz it was really hot. Cheeno, Martin, Emman, Luisa, and I went down coz it's kinda windy and the air ain't hot. While sitting there on the stairs besides the library, the principal called us. [Luisa and I] then she told us to let the teachers sign the memo. I thought it was just an ordinary memo like they will have meeting after school etc. but damn when we read it, we were in totally schocked! Why? Coz it says there "the class from grade 6-9 will be separated to boys and girls etc." I was really speechless. But of course we did what she told us. Let the advisers of those class sign. And they signed, of course. While giving the paper to the teachers, we were like "Ma'm/Sr. don't sign that.. blah blah blah" coz you know... in grade-9 the girls will be going to Sr. John's and the boys will stay with Sr. D'A. Yallz know that I don't like to be in his class right? But I can't do anything. And the worse was I already arranged my things on my desk! Deng! So we transferred there. Sr. John discussed things and stuffs then we had our lesson. Wtf? But I may say today was kinda okay. But Czary and I misses the guys. Lolz. I missed Cheeno, Mer and Gene and she already missed Emman. Lolz. Hahaha. We didn't have lessons on the other subject. We just discussed things about the things which they like, what they will teach and some requirements. T.H.E. was kewl. Sr. D'A started the lettering. Wooowww... that's hella kewl. I didn't know it has strokes and stuffs. Actually I was really amazed, you know. Haha. Then Computer, Sr. Ariel had some kinda quiz. I mean like review and stuffs. He even told me that during summer, my keyboard was always hot. He meant like I kept on using it, that's why. Lol. I wonder who told him? Maybe the boys. haha. Coz they knew how I typed. Lolz. So tomorrow we will start the formal lessons. Hmmmm... I guess we will have assignments already. Deng!!!

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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Je's betdei

Today was really fun. It was Majel'sbday and so she treated us. We're supposed to be with Aren and Samira but then they cancelled it. So it was only me, Steff and her. Je came here first and we kinda planned where to go. After planning, we went to Steff's house. Then we went to the mall waiting for Sam coz she said she can come. But after like 20 minutes waiting... she called me up and said that she can't come. While Aren, on the other hand said she has to do something so we just went to this videoke thing in the bowling city whatever and we sang without minding each other's voice. Bwahaha... actually it was recorded and I didn't hear it yet. Lol. After one hour singing we ate coz Steff and I were kinda hungry. Oh yeah... it's already confirmed, Booda's here already. Well I'm kinda pissed coz it's like what? He told me he will call or text me when he's there but shocks... I never got anything, even a single missed call. Wtf? Then now he aint returning calls... not even a text. I knew he saw me before we went inside Bowing city and I also saw him. When we were going to food court... I saw him again. Eye to eye pa nga eh.. daming beses! Wtf? Damn.. well fine! If he forgot me, I don't care. The earth I care??? He doesn't have one word!!!!!! Anyway... enough of Booda. Mud called me up while we were inside singing coz he said his friend, Ricky saw me. He said if I wanna say hi or something, he's only in the billiards area. The girls wanna see him so I asked where is he? While giving him missed calls... dammit he answered. Waaahhh poor me. I don't have laod for miss calls. Shocks! But anyway... he asked me the same thing and I told him we're heading to toy town. He said wait for him for like 15 minutes and so we did. Actually, it aint only 15 minutes. He's late! lol then I was calling him, asking and asking where on earth is he coz I also have to go. Eh I don't wanna go without seeing him coz we were already waiting so we just wait again. At last... he came! What the hell? He is taller than me. I mean like as in tall then he was wearing white visor and stuffs. Nothing really changed except for the height. The two girls like him too. lolz. Actually they were teasing me that maybe he aint cute or something but haha... they saw him face to face so they know already why............ whatever! Lolerzz.

Tomorrow's thursday. Ate Jane will go here and we might go there again. I mean at A.D.M. so I might prolly see Booda again. What the hell? You know... he's really getting into my nerves. As in!!! Btw...Imas and I were not talking that much. Coz whenever he's coming online... i'm about to go. Wrong timing. But he's still calling me. Sweet thang! Hehehe.

We're starting to get ready for school that's why my mom's telling us to sleep early so we can adjust but even though I go to bed around 2 or 3... I'm still sleeping around 4-5 in the morning. Damn.. i'm excited!!! I wonder who will be my adviser? Sr. John or my previous adviser??? Well whatever... I just wish I could make it this time. I mean like I wish could have higher grades compare last year. Oh yeah... today was my last session for swimming. I'm still scared, as always but i'm better compare to the last time. lolz. I don't know if I will still continue my lessons. Depends upon my mom if she still has the budget for that. Anyway... peace!

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