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Friday, September 03, 2004
hey you guys

Well sometimes I don't have time blogging here. Most of the time I'm updating my diaryland page so I think you can check it if you have time. Here's the link http://lil08krazzei.diaryland.com

Anyway... tomorrow is school again. Deng we have a quiz on Chem. and It's kinda difficult. It's more on some kinda math and you know that I aint that good in solving stuffs right? So yeah... until now I'm not studying. I mean like I started and I kinda memorized the formula but I have to practice. Hmmm... I wish I can do well ya know. I'm also excited to go to school tomorrow coz I'm gonna see.... *ahem!* who? Well "romeo", he's a new student and he's the bomb. I like the way he dress up!!!! Shocks! Bwahaha... actually they're teasing me. Wtf? Oh well... I kinda have to go now. I still have lots of things to do so yeah.. peace!

Posted at 10:52 pm by lilkrazzei


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